Broad-Approved: Humble Bundle

The ‘Broad-Approved’ label will feature web sites and/or products I love, with short capsule descriptions.

Humble Bundle is a site that’s pretty well-known among gamers for inexpensive access to games, sale prices on purchasing games digitally, and bundles of low-cost games available for purchase.

The site is much more than that, however. All of their bundles are purchased through crowd-pricing, and the money you pay goes to charities and nonprofits. You can even customize your donation by selecting which charities from their list you’d prefer to support, or support multiple charities by choosing how much of your donation goes to each one.
Your donation can start as low as $1, and raising the donation to second or third tier will give you additional items.

Humble Bundle also offers bundles of graphic novels and books, grouped by topic. You can find groups of books on all manner of things in these bundles, or many issues of a comic or graphic novel series, or a mix of publications related to one specific fandom. It’s impossible to summarize all of the possibilities, and the bundles change frequently, so it’s worth checking it out every couple of weeks to score deals on games or reading material that benefit a broad range of charities.

The Broad

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