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She was pretty, wish she’d stuck around

Urban Decay Naked Vice Cream Lipstick

Price: $19

Sold by: Urban Decay, Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, many others.

Other benefits: Cruelty-free, vegan

Broad rating: 3 / 5

Short take: Dryish-to-creamy going on, pretty color and good payoff, short wear time

The first entry in our 10 Days of Lippies posts is UD’s Naked, a cream-formula lipstick with a pinky-nude color and some gentle sheen. It’s a longtime best-seller for the brand, and a part of the permanent collection of Vice lipsticks.

Color: I will note that none of the online photos I’ve seen of the shade are anywhere near a color-match for one another. Different stores have completely different photos.

The color in the tube is more muted; the pink comes through a bit more on application, at least on me. It’s a quite pretty nude, though on a light skin tone like mine, it’s more of a nude-plus-one-shade-darker. It’s also far more pink than a true nude — if you have natural lip pigmentation that’s more pink than mine, it will look very close to natural.

Application: The lipstick goes on with a weird mix of slightly dry creaminess. I’m not sure how both these things can be true, but that’s how it felt. It applied similarly to a MAC Retro Matte, for comparison. It felt neither drying nor moisturizing. It went on smoothly and didn’t tug.

The color built up more around the lip edges than in the center until I applied a second coat. It seems to stick far better on the edges as well. I’m not going to ding the product for this because of the way I prime my lips. With a more conventional lip primer, the application would have been more even — when I tested it with unprimed lips, it did go on very smoothly.

Wear: Unfortunately, this lipstick transferred and faded really quickly compared to others I wear. The fading was uneven — again, the color remained intense at the edges while wearing off in the center — and any food or drink I ate was seasoned with Naked.

I don’t mind reapplying often, but this was more than my normal expectation of reapplication. I kind of wonder how many calories it has and what its carb count is.

Testing methodology notes

All lip products in the 10 Days reviews will be tested exactly the same way, using my usual standard application for lippies: a light coat of liquidy lip balm worked in and then blotted, along with an Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone primer pencil used just outside the lipline as a liner. While this is not the most lasting way to prime, it is a concession to age — my lips get very dry without balm, and the pencil keeps the lippies out of my mouth lines.

Since the wear tests are being compared to other lippies being used in exactly the same way, the relative lasting time compared to the other lippies will be proportional.

As an aside to my over-40 broads and dudes, an invisible liner pencil like the Ultimate Ozone is a must-have for anyone with mouth lines wearing a color lip product. You may not be able to make the lines go away, but you sure can keep your gorgeous lip colors out of them!

Wrapping it up

UD Naked gets points for style and relative ease of application. It’s a relatively universal color that could work for almost any skin tone and shade. I found it a little pink for a true nude on me, but it doesn’t make the color any less attractive or appealing.

The lack of staying power and the somewhat dryish feel to the application are what brought my rating down to a 3. People who like a dryer application can add a star to this rating.

Reviewer’s note: This item was part of a gift-with-purchase offer.
All views and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

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