BroadView: Damn Girl! First Impressions

Too Faced Damn Girl mascara

Too Faced Damn Girl! 24-hour Mascara

Availability: June 6, 2019 (currently offered as a gift with purchase at the Too Faced web site)

Price: $25

Sold by: Too Faced, Sephora

Other benefits: Cruelty-free

Broad rating: 5 / 5 (New holy grail!)

Short take: The biggest lash wand I have ever seen and a slick glossy formula combine to explain the name — after a single coat, ‘Daaaamn’ was my first reaction.

I tend to not take product names too seriously, because every company wants to have their product be considered the ultra, maximum, long-wearing, most pigmented, smoothest, sleekest, coolest product around.

An illustration of exactly where the name came from.

Keep that in mind when I say that Too Faced’s new mascara is worthy of the name ‘Damn Girl!’

First and foremost: Look at the photo. Just look at it. That wand has the biggest brush I have ever seen on a mascara. It’s even bigger than it looks in the photo. Precision? Hah. Just wave this puppy in the general direction of your eyes and you’ll look like you have falsies on.

Upon application, it’s surprisingly unmessy — I had no transfer and only one globby spot that was easy enough to fix with a clean spoolie. Unlike some of the slicker formulas, this one stays put. The drydown was a snap, because I literally spent a few solid minutes staring in the mirror at my lashes. I have pale, unimpressive lashes. Well, I did — but with this? OMG. I have LASHES.

The color is very black and glossy, even after drydown, and it was dramatic to the point where the first person I showed how I looked, the Nerd (my other half), said, “Wow!” Keep in mind, this is a guy who does not notice girly details like mascara. He actually blinked and stared for a few seconds.

Down sides? Well. It’s not a vegan formula (it contains beeswax), so anyone seeking a new vegan mascara is, unfortunately, left saying, “Ah, damn.” Aside from that, I haven’t found flaws yet. As of this writing, I’ve been wearing it for over seven hours with no flaking or issues — it looks exactly like it did after I applied it.

I will update this review a bit later tonight to add in how the wear time goes, but for right now, it looks great at almost 8 hours.

Update: I took it off before bed at around the 13-hour mark, and it was still going strong. It wasn’t the easiest mascara in the world to remove, but a bit of patience solved the issue.

You know, I’ve traditionally been a girl whose favorite mascara brand was ‘free,’ but now, I think I might actually have to start buying my mascara — because if this continues to perform the way it has today, it’s my new holy grail — my lashes deserve the very best.

Reviewer’s note: This item was received as a gift-with-purchase from Sephora.
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