Excuse my dust…

Moving is always a trial, even online.

Note the shiny new URL! I’ve moved to new hosting to get more robust features and have a lot more control over how this site looks, feels, and functions.

Between some personal stuff going on, and my work on building this blog on the back end, posting as been slow AF. That is going to change now that I’ve relocated the blog and begun to settle in. With a little help from The Nerd and some For Dummies books on WordPress, I’m moving forward to make ODB a better place to hang out and kvetch.

A realistic representation of the ODB blog-building process. Photo from Pexels.

The plan is to get this puppy into a form I like and post intermittently, moving to a more predictable post schedule in mid-to-late June and doing a proper launch of the blog in mid-July with a giveaway to spark things up. (I can sense the anticipation from here! Free stuff! Who doesn’t love free stuff?)

I would love to build a community here, and get more of that ‘social’ aspect of social networking into the groove! Anyone’s welcome as long as they’re not behaving like an asshat. We boot asshats out the door in Broadland. If you want to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, that’s as simple as clicking on the links. Follow me, I follow back!

I will have some new posts coming up soon, including a few sub box reviews and more commentary posts that I’m trying to do from a more clear and less ranty mind about current events.

And nope, still not gonna post about James Charles. Sister bye.

The Broad

‘The Broad’ is the nom de plume of a snarky, 50ish writer with many observations, opinions, and hopefully-bon mots.