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Custom shampoo and conditioner as unique as you!

  • Product: Function of Beauty customized shampoo and conditioner
  • Price: $36 for 8oz bottles of shampoo and conditioner customized to your needs and preferences; other size configurations available. This affiliate link will save $5 on your first order.
  • Broad Rating: 5 / 5
  • Short take: Simplify your hair routine by addressing all your issues at once with this custom formula made to fit you perfectly, down to the color and scent of the product and the name on the bottle!

No hair solution is one-style-fits-all. Those of us with thick hair have different needs than those with thinning hair; curly girls have needs that straight-haired peeps don’t. In many cases, the go-to solution is to get shampoo and conditioner for the most problematic issues and try to work in treatments and leave-ins and the like for the rest of our annoying hair qualities.

Function of Beauty produces customized hair products (shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner) that can address up to 5 issues you have with your hair in one custom-mix formula. They offer both single orders and a discounted subscription service with auto-shipping.

Getting Function-al

Buying FoB products requires a small investment of time to take their customization quiz. You’ll be walked through your choices, and it’s very straightforward.

You start here on the Order page by answering basic questions about your hair’s thickness, texture, and moisture levels.

Function of Beauty quiz, page 1

Next, you come to the page where you choose your hair concerns. Each concern you select will bring up a short explanation of the ingredients used to remedy the problem.

You can select up to five concerns, and each will have ingredients listed as you click on them.

Next, you will come to the page that allows you to make your shampoo and conditioner truly yours. You can choose the scent (or none!), how heavily scented it is, what name is placed on your bottles, and what color your products will be.

I opted for the ‘feeling (f)ine-apple’ scent, which has notes of pineapple and coconut and smells like a fancy umbrella drink served poolside at a resort. I chose a medium strength for the scent.

I also selected orange for my color, since it seemed to be a good choice to match the scent!

One thing to note is that the shampoo and conditioner will arrive as slightly different shades of that color (one will be a matte sort of hue while the other has some pearlescence to it), so it will be easy to tell them apart at a glance. You can also choose to tint them in different colors, if you like!

Next, you chose the size of your products, and whether you want to have a subscription. If you choose the subscription option, your shipping is free; if you choose a one-time purchase, you’ll pay $5 for shipping.

You will also be offered the chance to add a leave-in conditioner with the same formula, and a set of travel bottles. I opted not to take either offer, and simply chose a one-time purchase.

Once they arrived…

When my box arrived, it looked just like the top photo on this post: the bottles inside a Tiffany-blue box, with a small pamphlet about these items and a sheet of fun stickers to accompany them. In terms of packaging, I think Function of Beauty has done a nice job without being too wasteful– the design is simple, and I like it.

I was excited to get these products into action. Generally, my hair tends to be dry and gets sun-damaged because I live in a sunny, warm climate. It never really seems shiny to me, and it’s not as soft or sleek as I would like. My previous regimen included products that actually cost quite a bit more than Function of Beauty’s offerings, so you can pretty much color me shocked when I discovered that none of those things I described above were permanent.

The first washing and conditioning left my hair lightly fragrant, tangle-free, soft, shiny, and drying naturally into nice loose waves. I couldn’t believe how radical the difference was.

The shampoo has very little ‘suds’ when you work it in, which is actually a good sign. Most of those sudsing agents are ingredients that damage hair and strip its natural oils, which can lead to dryness. I thought my $32-a-bottle hair care was the best I could do — and then Function of Beauty slides into my DMs purchase history and shows me otherwise. The scent was cheerful and not overpowering, and it lingered only lightly.

The conditioner feels sleek — that’s the best way I can describe it. The initial feel of it is similar to a really good skincare serum, only thicker. I tend to leave my conditioner in for a good ten minutes, so it had plenty of opportunity to work its magic.

Longer term results…

I’ve now been using the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner for almost a month. I have not used any other hair products: no styling product, no leave-in conditioners or masks… absolutely nothing.

The result? My hair is shiny. It’s so soft (something I thought the coarse texture would never allow), my waves are better than ever in softness and shape with absolutely no work at all (I’m a ‘comb it wet and let it dry’ kind of broad), and now my husband has decided he wants his own formula! I’ve honestly never used a haircare product that made me so happy to touch my hair or even (I have to confess this) sniff it surreptitiously.

I am absolutely thrilled with Function of Beauty, and I highly recommend trying out your own special blend. Every formula will differ based on your choices, but I can honestly say that the formula I made for myself is perfect, and in my next order, I’m going to try the leave-in conditioner, too!

My only caveat is that for people who aren’t absolutely insane like me about spending on haircare, it might prove a bit pricey — and for folks who have cost concerns, I’ll note that the 16oz bottles are a much better value (both for $49). A small amount goes a long way — I’m barely a quarter of the way into my bottles after three weeks, and I expect these to last at least three months. Since most shampoos are in 8oz bottles, if you spend more than $12 or so on these products already, the FoB large bottles won’t provide as much sticker shock as it might seem.

Broads and Dudes Over 40

You might note that the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner address many issues that accompany aging. One is specifically called ‘anti-aging,’ but the options to soothe the scalp, nourish the roots, and replenish hair are all good additional options for anyone who’s seen some hair thinning or loss, or has seen their hair become more fragile or brittle. The option to protect hair color is also useful for those of us who color our hair to cover the grey.

I’ve been lucky in that the hair on my head is still thick and grows rapidly, but it’s still not as good as it was in my 20s, and I’ve found that the FoB products are awesome for my aging-hair issues.

The ‘Function of the Broad’ blend is my new haircare staple. It’s going to be a summertime hair-saver — and in my climate, it’s summer for most of the year. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used.

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