How ya doin’?

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I’m working on a lot of new things for the blog, and a lot of things IRL. I hope you’re all doing great!

I have a bunch of potential content this week: My Sephora PLAY! will be arriving today, I have a PinchMe box to look over and discuss (first impression), I have a FabFitFun coming in later this week, and I’m beginning a ‘short review’ series that will have a handful of capsule reviews of products I’ve been using already. I expect to have 2-4 of those ‘shorties’ posts up in a month.

I have not hit in the important and topical issues that I usually want to touch on in my op-ed pieces, because honestly, the abortion law changes are terrifying to me. I’m trying to get into my own measured headspace about how to discuss them without simply frothing at the mouth — and I do want to tackle it from my own angle, as a woman who is no longer in her childbearing years, who chose to be childfree. It’s… I honestly can’t believe this is the country I live in.

People may wonder how I can review beauty products when so many more important things are going on around me, and all I can say is this: while I very much want to talk about the most important issues around us, I also need my share of self-care to stay balanced, and I want to provide readers with content that’s good, readable, and worth revisiting. If I tried to write about some of the hot-button topics without being in the right mindset, nobody’s going to want to read it, because it would be an inarticulate jumble of AAAHHHHHFUCKYOUBASTARDS and sundry other obscenities.

I want to be able to talk to all of you, discuss, communicate. I don’t intend to turn you into my wailing wall. That’s not fair to you, and not healthy for anyone.

Also, PSA: Today is a good day to donate to Planned Parenthood or the National Network of Abortion Funds.

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