‘Just a Joke,’ my ass.

Wherein the Broad denies your derogatory and bigoted humor.

"It's just a joke!"
"You have no sense of humor!"
"Oh, come on, you know that's funny."

Those phrases are the defense used by people who like to say offensive and insensitive things to others without consequence. Let’s not sugar-coat it — this is a special, socially-endemic version of gaslighting, and the Broad don’t want none of that.

First: If I didn’t laugh, it’s not funny to me. I laugh at jokes. Jokes are funny. If I didn’t laugh, I didn’t process it as a joke. So no… it’s not funny and no amount of peer pressure is going to make it funny.

Just because your particularly squirrely brain found some offensive comment about my life, choices, or body to be amusing does not make it so. Case in point: some folks love Pewdiepie. I’m not likely to feel differently because you tell me I have no sense of humor — all I’m likely to think is that you’re an asshat and I don’t want to deal with you.

So you think your ‘edgy’ humor is hilarious. Your jokes about a woman in a bad mood being ‘on her period’ are just awesome in your eyes.

You’re wrong, and you’re an asshole for thinking that.

Second: if a comment you make dehumanizes a group of human beings based on their inherent nature, it’s not going to be funny to me. Mocking people’s choices is one thing. Mocking them for the parts of themselves they are born with is tone-deaf at best and sadistic bullying if it was ‘unintentional,’ and news flash: it never is.

Intent matters. Why someone says something matters. However, using a vile epithet ‘ironically’ does not in any way make it okay. I don’t want to hear your justification. If you’re someone as pale as me dropping an N-bomb ‘ironically,’ you’re being an asshole at best. White people slinging around words used to dehumanize people of color is still promoting racism by prolonging the time until those words disappear from our collective vocabulary. Every time you use them, you’re putting a measure of acceptability into them. You’re casting a social vote in favor of prejudice.

How about this: instead of going around using slurs ‘ironically,’ you try and find some actually funny things to say… or, gasp, don’t say anything. You don’t have to say these things. You can keep those words behind your teeth and not hurt other people. You can shut up and listen.

In short: you can choose not to be a bigoted piece of crap.

Imma go ahead and suggest that choosing this option will make you a better member of society… and, just maybe, make you less of an asshole along the way.

The Broad

‘The Broad’ is the nom de plume of a snarky, 50ish writer with many observations, opinions, and hopefully-bon mots.