BroadView: Sephora Play May 2019

The contents of the Sephora PLAY! box for May 2019

Could it be — a box I completely love?!

Sephora PLAY! monthly sample subscription box, May 2019

Price: $10 plus tax/month, billed monthly

Broad rating: 4 / 5

Short take: This month, Sephora PLAY! gets the Broad-Approved stamp! May 2019 is a great box full of things I’m eager to try, and definitely worth the $10.

After April 2019 left me a bit disappointed with Sephora PLAY!, I was eager to see what May had to offer before deciding whether to keep the subscription or move on to a different one. While I want the products to review, I also want products that will potentially work for me, and the last box was pretty meh, with products that had been released a long time ago, or were simply problematic in other ways.

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in Chai

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in Chai ($26 full size):

Some years back, when BITE was still a new brand, I bought a couple of their lipsticks and loved them. I never got around to buying more, however, and in the interim, the company expanded their line and rebranded their lipsticks.

I had some concerns about whether the formula was as good as it used to be, and I am pleased to say that it’s just as good, and that Chai is a great color. It’s not an everyday color for me (I tend to be a boring neutrals broad), but it’s definitely a color I see myself using for date nights and special occasions. It’s smooth and moisturizing, and it just plain feels great on the lips.

I will definitely be investing in another BITE lippie or twelve in the future!

Lancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

Lancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base ($26 full size, $13 mini)

Lash primer is an essential for me, and I’ve tried out a great many of them. My lashes aren’t very thick, and since they are a fairly light color, they don’t show up without mascara. However, I am one of those unlucky people who winds up destroying or smearing my mascara unless there’s a primer involved.

I used this with the current mascara sample I’m testing that I actually hate — a mascara that gets flaky and nasty and is hard to take off. It helped make my lashes feel less crunchy and awful, and made the mascara hold up well despite being horrid. I was happy with the look of my lashes as well. It did sting my eyes when I got some into my eyes, though — I have eye sensitivities, so anyone with similar issues might want to consider that before purchasing.

I got a full day (12+ hours) out of my mascara when used with the Lancome Cils Booster XL primer, but it also (unfortunately) became a bit more difficult to remove. Some cleansing balm did the trick, however, so I don’t see that as a real issue for someone who uses a balm or a waterproof remover.

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream
Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream ($45 for 8.1 oz full size, $20 for 2.5 oz mini):

I’ve been eyeing this body cream for a while now — coconut is one of my favorite things in the world, and the scent is uplifting and cheerful. Receiving it in my Sephora Play box was a wonderful surprise!

The scent of this cream is pretty strong, and does linger, though it softens down to a more manageable aroma pretty quickly. The scent is — it’s not pure coconut. I’d describe it as a mix of coconut and kettle corn. It’s utterly delicious.

It is quite creamy and applies easily, sinking in nicely to the skin. It smoothed and softened my skin nicely, providing some moisture. I used it primarily on my legs, and the skin felt wonnnnnderful after I started using this cream. My only complaint is that it’s just about gone now.

Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea
Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea

Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea ($25 for 5 oz):

I was looking forward to trying this one out — I already use a balm makeup remover that I love, but having other options is always nice.

First, this product is way too thick and viscous to be in a bottle. It should be in a tub, because I literally had to whack the bottle into my palm repeatedly to get anything out. (And if you’re wondering why I didn’t just use my beauty spoons sitting right on the counter, well… um… it was late and I was tired.)

The consistency wasn’t bad once it was out of the ill-chosen vessel. I applied it to my face with a clean reusable cotton round the way I normally do with my balm cleanser, and… well. I used more than half the sample (which was a good size) just getting off my face makeup and eyeshadow. It took three tries to get off my mascara. Now, mascara is the main reason I use a specific remover and not just a normal cleanser, and having to do the process three times to get it all off is ridiculous.

Definitely will not be buying this one, but I was glad to test it out.

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray
Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray ($30 for 5.4 oz, $13 for 1.7 oz):

I use a really wonderful shampoo and conditioner, but I still like to add a little extra somethin’-somethin’ when I know I’ll be out in the sun. I used this product as a leave-in for the past few days, and I really like it. It’s lightweight, the spray doesn’t overload product in a small spot, and the smell is lovely.

Even after days in direct sun, my hair felt soft and the waves didn’t frizz at all. I feel like this does really nice things for my hair, and I’ll likely be purchasing it later on!

Viktor&Rolf Magic Salty Flower
Viktor&Rolf Magic Salty Flower

Bonus sample:

Viktor&Rolf Magic Salty Flower ($145 for 2.4 oz):

Since this is a bonus sample, I’ll just comment on it as a general gift-with-purchase rather than a full-blown sample.

First off — am I the only one who thinks this name sounds like the name of a secret martial-arts finishing move from an anime featuring screechy girls in school uniforms? Yes? Okay, moving on.

I don’t really like florals. I was hoping for a more sea-spray feeling with this, but my first try left me with the heavy florals and a little salt. Ah well!


May’s box gave me a lot of different brands and items to try out, and all of them are products that I would have considered buying at some point even without the samples to try out. It also left me with a somewhat pricey ‘to buy’ list, but hey, isn’t that the point of trying out new things?

This month, Sephora PLAY! gets the Broad-Approved stamp! May 2019 is a great box full of things I’m eager to try, and definitely worth the $10.

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