BroadView: Luxie Eye Essential Brush Set

Soft, sweet, and hard to beat

Luxie Eye Essential Brush Set

Price: $45 (offered for $12 by FabFitFun as an add-on)

Sold by: Luxie Brushes

Other benefits: Vegan, cruelty-free

Broad rating: 3.5 / 5

Short take: A solid set of lovely brushes at the bargain price point from FabFitFun is a value at $12 – but not so much at the retail value of $45, especially when lacking a packing brush.

I have a lot of brushes. No, I mean a lot of brushes, particularly eye brushes. I wind up using several in any given day, because my application technique leaves something to be desired, so I tend to work with multiple brushes to try and get better precision.

Luxie Eye Essentials brush set (image from Luxie Beauty)

This set is rapidly becoming a fave. It includes five brushes:

Luxie 207 Medium Angled Shading Brush
Luxie 215 Small Angle Brush
Luxie 221 Flat Definer Brush
Luxie 231 Small Tapered Blending Brush
Luxie 235 Blending Brush

Let me take a moment to talk about how pretty they are. A lot of my brushes are pretty boring aesthetically, and these are not. They’re very girly without being cloyingly cute. The rose-gold ferrule detail is a really nice luxe touch, and the shade of pink used on the handles is one I don’t mind at all. I also love the light-colored bristle tips, because it becomes very easy to see how much product you’ve picked up with it, and frankly, it lets you see how badly it needs cleaning. (I use a color switcher pad, and reuse my brushes a couple-few times before washing.)

The bristles are soft, and the brush heads perform with good accuracy — they aren’t winding up with bristles landing in places where they shouldn’t be. The Luxie brushes perform well — my two favorites in the batch are the 207 Medium Angled Shader and the 231 Small Tapered Blender.

I’m of the opinion that if a kit is marketed as being a complete solution for a given area, it should hit on the most popular and useful types of brushes for that application. This set is missing one thing for an ‘essentials’ eye kit: a soft packing C-brush. Given the popularity of packing a light shimmery shade onto the center of the eyelid, it seems a weird oversight. If I were making this set, I’d’ve chosen to replace the 235 with either the 213 Eye Shading brush or the 223 Short Shading brush.

In short…

It’s kind of hard not to love a set of soft, readily-usable brushes at the price point of a whopping $12. I’ve paid more than double that for single brushes in the past (looking at you, MAC brushes).

Of course, in the current day, with affordable, good quality brushes being readily available from brands like Real Techniques, the $45 retail price point on these would give me pause. Would I buy them at that price? Probably not. I think the Broad Price Point on these would probably cap out around $30 — $6 per brush isn’t unreasonable for the quality, even in the day and age of cheap-and-good brush brands.

As a set, the lack of a packing brush does kind of make the ‘essentials’ label a bit questionable, as well. While all the brushes in this set will see a lot of daily use, it isn’t a complete solution for me, at least.

My favorable view of these brushes is colored by the price at which I received them. For $12, they’re a steal. At the retail price? Eh, still a solid purchase, but no bargain.

Reviewer’s note: This item was purchased by the Broad.
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