BroadView: ipsy May 2019

ipsy May 2019 makeup bag

Oh, there you are!

Ipsy monthly sample subscription box, May 2019

Price: $10/month, or $110/year

Broad rating: 4 / 5

Short take: A surprisingly good assortment of products for the first bag I received made me quite happy with the value and selection from ipsy May 2019, winning it a Broad-Approved rating this month.

So… resubscribing to ipsy after years was an interesting prospect.

I subbed on May 2, and was informed my first bag would be June. A little irritating, perhaps, but not that big a deal in the scheme of things. Midway through the month I checked on the site and discovered that there was, in fact, a May Glam Bag with contents listed on my Glam Bag page.

Curious, since I hadn’t expected a bag, I contacted customer service as was informed that I would, indeed, be getting the May bag, and that it was en route. It arrived with two days left in the month. So yes, I know this review is a tad late, but now you know why.

Luckily, despite the confusion, the contents were great — I ain’t mad at it. This bag had a good portion of a full face of color products, a brush (which warms my Broadly little heart) and an Innisfree mask I’d been wanting to try. Score!

The cosmetic bag itself is a cute champagne-colored glitter number. Not the most amazing bag ever, but certainly purse-worthy. So what’s inside?

Benefit BadGalBANG! Volumizing Mascara in Black ($25 full size, $13 mini)

Benefit Bad GalBANG! mascara
Benefit Bad GalBANG! mascara

I walked into this review dubious because I hate, hate, hate one of Benefit’s other mascaras (They’re Real!) due to clumpy texture, transfer, and stubbornness at removal. So…

I kinda feel bad for Benefit. I am testing this after testing Damn Girl! from Too Faced, and this just doesn’t measure up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent mascara, but I don’t get the same oomph from it.

Estate Cosmetics Lip Icing in Drip ($10)

Estate Cosmetics Lip Icing in Drip
Estate Cosmetics Lip Icing in Drip

This is a very cute pink gloss in a decently wearable, not-too-pigmented shade that’ll be nice for summer. It seems like it would be a really good topper. The staying power is sort of meh, comparable to an average lip gloss, and like almost every lip gloss on the planet, it transfers and smears.

Overall, it’s pretty enough, and the price point is not bad, though I’ll still say I prefer my Nyx Butter Glosses, which are more pigmented and less shiny.

Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask with Super Volcanic Clusters ($15 full size)

Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask with Super Volcanic Clusters
Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask with Super Volcanic Clusters

Recently, I’ve been delving more into K-beauty, particularly sheet masks and some other skincare. The names of these products often amuse me. In this case, I’m just kind of wondering if ‘Super Volcanic Clusters’ is a euphemism for ‘dusty clumps of ash.’ On the plus side, it’s not named ‘Shiny Snail Snot.’

I haven’t tried a charcoal mask before, and now I have a few to try. I will be doing those as a group review in the future, so keep an eye open for that!

Oryza Nude Shimmer and Contour Eyeshadow quad ($19.95)

Oryza Nuder Shimmer & Contour Eyeshadow
Oryza Nude Shimmer & Contour Eyeshadow quad

I was very happy to get a full-sized quad in my ipsy bag, rather than the single-shade samples we often see!

This quad has three shimmer shades and a matte, and all are quite pretty (and neutral). They apply nicely, with a bit of fallout in the pan, and unfortunately, also a fair-to-middling amount of fallout on the eye, too. This doesn’t make them useless, it just means I need to use a bit more care during application.

The pigmentation is solid, but I also think the colors are a bit too tonally close together for a quad, and the single matte was a little too dark for a transition shade on me — I might have preferred this one to be a little more buildable rather than deeply pigmented right out of the gate. I’d also like to have seen one very light shade for a ‘pop’ of color to give the quad a little more versatility as well.

SLMissGlam SS57 Large Fluffy Eye Brush (sold as part of a set of 5, $65 – currently listed for $31.20 on the ipsy site)

SLMissGlam SS57 Shading Brush
SLMissGlam SS57 Blending Brush

This brush is cute AF. Glitter handle, pastel ice-cream hued bristles, just freaking adorbs.

That said, looks aren’t everything. It’s of average quality, and I’m happy to have it, but it certainly wouldn’t live up to the over-$12-per-brush price point of the suggested retail cost. The $6-per-brush cost from ipsy’s site is much more acceptable. I don’t think it’s quite on par with Real Techniques, which would be in that (discounted) price point.

I’ll use it, and I’m glad to have tested it, but I won’t be rushing out to buy more like it.


This month, ipsy gets the Broad-Approved stamp! May 2019 had enough color products that I put together most of a face of makeup without much thought at all, and definitely worth the $10.

Please note that my rating of a sample subscription is based on selection and desirability of the items, rather than how much I liked or didn’t like the products inside upon use. I rate samples based on how much I want to try them when they’re part of a bag or sub. I’ll give impressions of how much I liked (or hated) them, but the bag’s rating is based on overall value to me. One sample I hated won’t tank a subscription’s rating as long as it’s not stale, or inappropriate, or just a bad choice.

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