Ratings in Reviews

You’ll note that I don’t give a lot of 5/5 reviews. Mine will probably tend to range between 2 and 4 for the most part. Here’s how I view the star ratings:

5 This is a product I cannot imagine living without now that I’ve found it. It will have no notable issues or flaws. You won’t be seeing many of these.

4 This is a really good-to-great product, and I like it, will use it, and am happy to have it. Its flaws are minor.

3 This is a good, solid product, and I feel that it does what it’s supposed to do and serves its purpose. It may have flaws which will make it better for some people than others, or some trait that might make some people want to avoid it.

2 This is a mediocre-to-bad product. It has flaws, doesn’t appeal to me, or made me feel very ‘meh.’ It will probably be returned if possible, and I definitely will recommend against buying it.

1 This is a product that is so bad that not only can I not recommend it, I actively want to prevent people from buying it. This pretty much reserved for products that are a complete ripoff and do not do what the company claims, or products that could be outright harmful. You won’t see this rating often, I hope.

I also use the half ratings (e.g. 2.5, 3.5) to grade products when I feel it’s warranted.

My number grades are probably a little more harsh than most reviews. A 3 is a solid, albeit not spectacular, rating on one of my reviews. A product rated a 3 is something I feel you can buy comfortably if you don’t fall into the issues I list.

A 4 or a 4.5 is a really great, exceptional product, and I feel that it’s something that’s well worth the money and will perform well. If you see a 4.5 on a review, you can feel assured that I think that’s an awesome product.