BroadView: Sephora Play May 2019

The contents of the Sephora PLAY! box for May 2019

After April 2019 left me a bit disappointed with Sephora PLAY!, I was eager to see what May had to offer before deciding whether to keep the subscription or move on to a different one. While I want the products to review, I also want products that will potentially work for me, and the last box was pretty meh, with products that had been released a long time ago, or were simply problematic in other ways. Continue Reading


BroadView: Sephora Play April 2019

I see you sent me all the old stuff. Thx. Rly.

I’m something of an old hand with subscription boxes. For a while, I received several every month of varied types, and recently, I chose to return to sub-land, albeit in a much less voracious way. Since I tend to like a large number of the brands at Sephora, I decided to try out the company’s box, PLAY!, and this is the first box I received. Continue Reading


Eyeliner: My Arch-Nemesis

I have a dysfunctional relationship with makeup.

When I say this, I mean that I have never really mastered the physical techniques. I know what the experts, beauty-icon how-to manuals, internet beauty gurus, and random broads with too much mascara say is the best way to apply it. However, my manual dexterity rates somewhere between ‘hyperactive spider monkey after too much coffee’ and ‘actual disability in muscular control,’ which means ‘simple’ techniques become an exercise in creative obscenity at ever-increasing volumes and the progenitor of a growing stack of used makeup wipes on my bathroom counter. Continue Reading