Who is The Broad?

‘The Broad’ is the nom de plume of a snarky, 50ish writer with many observations, opinions, and hopefully-bon mots.

…meh, I dislike trying to write about myself in third person… let’s try this again.

I’m a woman in the Southeastern US who writes about the things that interest me. In that, I am no different from any other blogger. So why would you want to be here? Well… I’m me. I write what I see, what I feel, and what I think. My interests are pretty broad, and I like the idea of sharing them with people of similar affinities.

The name for this blog is a horrid pun born of my Catholic school days. If you hate puns, you’re probably going to want to throttle me after reading a few posts. C’est la vie.

Things I write about include, but are not limited to:

  • Politics and personal observations on same
  • Musings about the vicissitudes of life (in other words, sharing my verbal observations on random stuff)
  • Cats and what it’s like to be owned by them
  • ‘Girly’ things like clothes and makeup
  • Rants about things that irk me
  • Reviews on products I try out

You, Dear Reader, might enjoy those things. I hope you do, because it’s always much more fun to share things with other people. (Forgive my Jane Austen moment there. Don’t know what came over me.)

Stick with me, kiddo, maybe we’ll go places.

-the Broad
(and if you’re wondering why I use that name… well, I just like the word. Brassy, opinionated women were ‘broads.’ I like being a broad.)